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TUTORIAL: How to Use Blendits Layered Template 1 in Photoshop

Hi everyone!!

I thought I'd give you a step-by-step "how to" for my Blendits Layered Template 1 for Photoshop users!  Creating these backgrounds is so addicting and the great thing about these templates is, not only can you re-use them over and over (using some layers, all layers, flipping layers, flipping the template...just to name a few) can take ANY kit in your digi-stash and create GORGEOUS background papers for your layouts!

For this tutorial I'm using CS5 and my By The Numbers - Fusion Bundle!

This tutorial is super simple, using just papers from the kit, an element from the kit and a few of the baby clusters you receive as a FWP when you purchase the Bundle!

So let's get started!
(just a side note: this tutorial is based on what I used...feel free to substitute other papers or just follow along and then later, use a different kit) 

Grab the photo (or photos) you want to use.
(I'll be using one photo for this)

1. Open up your Photoshop program and your Blendits Layered Template 1 
The first thing you'll see this Delete This Layer page. 
So before you delete it (or click on the "eye" on the top layer to hide it) take a sec to look over the tips.

Once you hide the layer you'll see your soon-to-be gorgeous template!
 I always start working with my templates from the bottom scroll down to the background layer (hide all of the layers on the way down as you go by clicking on the "eye")
You can leave your background white (depending on  your kit) create a layer above and flood fill it with a complimentary color or drag one of your papers on top.
For this page I used cbj_bythenumbers_paper13
2. Once you've decided on your background, unhide the layer above it.
Activate the new layer and drag paper cbj_bythenumbers_paper02 onto your canvas
 With the new paper active, Ctrl (Command) +Alt (Option)+G to clip it to the layer below
(kinda neat huh?)
3. Continue unhiding and dragging/clipping papers as you go up the layers
I used: cbj_bythenumbers_paper16 (blue), cbj_bythenumbers_paper15 (plaid),
(the red underlined layer I decided not to use)
Here's the progression:
Here's the template with the next 2 layers using papers 06, 21 and 24
(which I used for the can leave it white or recolor it as you wish...or delete it!)
 4. Moving up the layers palette from the doodle (paper24), I left the script overlay as is then applied a glitter pattern with a color overlay to make the journaling lines a rust glitter.
Above that I clipped paper09, left the gesso texture as is then clipped paper24 to the layer above.
Moving upwards!!!
5. Unhide the frame drop shadow and frame layer
Click on y our drop shadow layer to activate it and drag your photo on top.
Resize if needed, rotate it or keep it rules.
Another option is to keep the frame drop shadow and frame hidden and clip your photo to the layer below the frame shadow!
(I also deleted paper24 which was there before)
(just wanted to show you another option!)
Moving on with the frame...
6. We've added our photo and the next layer is the paint drops.  Clip a paper, add a glitter style or add a color fill...I chose a color fill and pulled a color from my dog's fur, then clipped it to the paint drops.
7. The next 2 layers are the swash-y ones which I chose to add a glitter pattern to with a color overlay I also pulled from my dog's fur.  
The top doodle I clipped paper24 to again.
So now we have our page!
You can leave it as is or embellish it some more.
I just picked a few things from the collection and placed them below the frame shadow starting with the cbj_bythenumbers_fencepiece
(I duplicated it and moved one piece to the right then merged the two, repositioned and added a drop shadow.)
I then grabbed cbj_bythenumbers_babyclusters-06 and positioned it towards the left of the fence piece and placed babyclusters04 on the lower right.
And here is my finished page:
Pretty easy right?

So this is just one example of how you can use my Blendits Layered Templates!
(more will be coming soon!)
They're so easy switch up to get different looks just by deleting layers, duplicating layers (to get a bolder color), moving layers around...even rearranging layers....the possibilities are pretty much endless!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at
I'm always available to help!

Enjoy the Template and keep an eye out for more!

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