Thursday, March 26, 2015

Something new....something old...but ALL new to Pickleberrypop!

Lots of goodies in my store this evening!!!
Some you may have check your stash as I'm STILL adding products to
my store!

So let's get started!
All Kits and Extra packs are 25% OFF...Bundles are 35% OFF through next week!

Here's what  I have for you:
What was once a few papers and elements during a Daily Download week when I was designing at Gotta Pixel has now grown into a super fun kit!
Introducing the King of Cool - Fusion Kit!
Perfect for the "men" in your life...patriotic photos and everyday photos as well!
 A little inspiration for you:
Spring has sprung and what better way to celebrate than with this bright and cheerful re-release:
(check your stash)
A little inspiration:
Next up are 2 collections you may or may not have seen before!
First....grab those crazy kid and family photos and have some fun with my
Save money and grab the Bundle for 35% OFF AND get 4 gorgeous Stackers FREE!
Take a look at these fun pages:
Also re-releasing is my Just Bein' Me - Fusion Collection.
A wonderful collection with fun elements, accents and papers.
 25% OFF the Kit and Extra Packs and 35% OFF the Bundle and get the
Journaling Things Pack FREE
 Here's some inspiration from this collection:
I hope you enjoy these new additions to my store!
See them all HERE

Here are two little goodies that coordinate with my Spring Sentiments - Fusion Kit

Grab these wonderful clusters and word art by CTM Saskia HERE
 And this wonderful Journaling Cluster can be found on my Pinterest Board!
Have a wonderful weekend ahead!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stash Stretcher Tutorial: Colorizing Glitter Edges for any layout!

Who doesn't love glitter??
Here are a few tips so stretch those Glitter Edgers and Photo Edgers I've created to match any kit!

Here's how!

Let's work with one of the 12 x 12 Glitter Edgers from my new She's Got Moxie Collection.

I'm choosing cbj_shesgotmoxie_12x12glitteredgers-6.png for this first example.
(when choosing an edge to recolor...choose one that's similar in lightness or darkness to the color you want it to be)
To change the color you first want to desaturate the edge by clicking on Image > Adjustments > Desaturate
Now on  your layers panel you'll see these buttons located at the bottom in Photoshop
and at the top in Elements.
You want the little round black and white one my red arrow is pointing to.
That's your Create a Fill or Adjustment Layer button.
So with your glitter edge layer active, click on that little fly out arrow and choose Solid Color.
Your color picker box will pop up for you to choose what color you want.
(this happens to be a light/medium gray so I'm going with a medium blue)
Once you hit'll have this:
Now you want to clip the color to the edge.
For Windows it's CTRL + Alt + G
For Mac it's Commend + Option (alt) + G
So now we have a cool edge (and of course you leave this as is, save as a .PNG and use it on your page too!)....but we're going for glitter!

Right above your color layer is a box that says Normal by dafault.
(these are your blending modes)
Click on the drop down on the right of it and choose Color
Just save your new edge as a png and you are good to go!

If you have any questions feel free to email me HERE

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Pickle Barrel is OPEN!!!

I'm so excited (as always) for this month's Pickle Barrel Promo Weekend!!!
Take a look at who inspired me for this fun Collection?
None other than my feisty 15 year old, Hope!
You'll love the bright Spring colors, fun elements and papers and awesome extra packs!
You'll find doodles....glitter...awesome masks....great word bits and more!

Are you ready?
First....the 6 core packs!
Mix and match for just $1 each!
OR grab all 6 for just $6 and get the Element Add On Pack Absolutely FREE!
(Element Add On Pack is only available with the 6-Pack Special!)
What's a core collection without some additional coordinating packs??
Each sold separately for 35% OFF or grab the Extras Bundle for 50% OFF and get
an amazing pack of Page Blendits for FREE!
 BUT you know....I'm a "want it all" kind of in case you are too...
I've bundled up EVERYTHING into the She's Got Moxie - Complete Collection!!!
You'll get everything in the 6 for $6, everything in the Extras Bundle 
PLUS the 2 FWPs for only $12 through March 23rd!
That's 14 full sized packs!!
What to do with all this fun?
Take a look:
You can see this AMAZING Collection in my PBP Store HERE
Remember....this promotion runs through 11:59 EST Monday, March 23rd so don't delay!

Make sure to sign up for my Newsletter HERE for this She's Got Moxie Exclusive!
 Grab these Confetti Scatters on my Pinterest Board!
Here's my final freebie for the weekend you can download HERE
Have a super weekend!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

51% OFF Birthday Celebration Sale ends tonight (plus the last few presents to open)

If you haven't had a chance to take advantage of my biggest sale of the year today is the last day!
And if you haven't had a chance to grab the Birthday Grab Bag now is the time before it's un-bundled tomorrow.
Take a look at what's in it!
Just one day left to get all of this for just $6!
Visit my PBP Store to grab this and take a look at all the wonderful deals during the last day of my Celebration Sale!

I have a few more presents for you to open!

If you haven't seen my re-released Yep, It's My Birthday Kits...take a look!
(they're so much fun and chock fill of elements and papers)
These amazing Baby Clusters coordinate perfectly with it!
 You can download these HERE

Head over to my Pinterest Board and grab the 2nd set!
 You'll also find this great little set of Paint Strokes on my Pinterest Page that will add some fun to those pages you create with my Grab Bag!

I hope you have enjoyed my Birthday Celebration weekend as much as I have!
I had an amazing day with my two teenage daughters yesterday...a wonderful movie
(if you haven't seen McFarland USA yet....go!!!) a delicious dinner at Zoes Kitchen and some much needed girl time (plus s'mores) at a neighbors.
(I think this is the most time we've spent together since my 17 year old went to college last fall!)
 It was a perfect day and they are my true gift birthday gift.
And I thank YOU for making this a wonderful birthday too!!

This wonderful Birthday Sale ends tonight so grab those goodies!
Don't forget to add your wonderful pages to my Gallery!!!
I want to see each and every one!

Have a wonderful day and week ahead!