Thursday, January 29, 2015

1/29: This Week's New Releases at Pickleberrypop (& Freebies!)!

Hi everyone!!!

I've moved another one of my favorite collections into my store this week!
When it was first released last fall, it came to you in the form of mini kits....NOW....everything has been put together into 1 gorgeous kit and 2 extra packs!
(make sure to check your stash to see if you have this already!)

This collection is all about capturing those special moments in life.
Filled with a great mix of traditional and artsy papers and elements with lots of fun word bits,
glitter bits and gesso accents to make your pages come alive!
This Moment - Fusion Kit, Blendits and Mishmashed Edges packs are 25% OFF through next week!
Save 35% OFF the Bundle!

Take a look!
(these Blendits are really super cool for clipping photos and papers to!)
Clip papers or play around with your blending modes to achieve amazing effects!
(I'm a bit fan of Soft Light)
As always you can save money and when you grab the Bundle!
Here are just a few of the gorgeous pages from my amazing Team!
What's a collection without a few coordinating goodies?
Newsletter Subscribers will be receiving these fun Big Confetti Scatters this week as well as a
25% OFF coupon!
Pinterest Fans can grab this pack of coordinating Washi Tape off of my Freebies Board!
This 3rd freebie is from my very own Cluster Queen, CTM Saskia!
Grab these HERE
 I hope you enjoy this collection!
Stay tuned....I've got something special coming February 1st that includes an incredible
Newsletter Exclusive you don't want to miss!
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Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!

Intro to Fusion Scrapping: Confessions of a Traditional Scrapper by CTM Mary-Lynne

Do you love what you see in Created by Jill's gorgeous Fusion kits, but just aren't sure how to use them?   Well, I can relate!!!   I've been a Jill fan from way back when she was creating traditional kits.   I loved them.  Then she had the nerve to switch to fusion!   She didn't even ask me!!!   What the heck am I going to do with all those "messy" papers and elements?  I like things neat, orderly and color coordinated. 

To be perfectly honest, I resisted until she put out her Beach Trip Kit.   Still my favorite kit, I just couldn't resist and bought the whole Bundle.  Now, what the heck was I going to do with it????

I had two outs for this problem...scraplifting and templates!   The templates I had were very traditional, so scraplifting it was.  I took a look at layouts that Jill's CT members had made.   I found one that I loved and I thought would ease me into this new style.  Did I mention I'm not much for change?  Duh!  

Now I know that when you scraplift, you don't need to use the same kit, but I'm a newbie at fusion here, I need all the help I can get!  So I found a wonderful layout by NancyC that didn't look too "fusie" (I know that's not a word!!!)
I grabbed some of my own beach photos and literally made a carbon copy of the layout!   Hey, I moved the netting!

That's pretty cool!   I always do two page spreads so I thought I would make the next one a little less lift and a little more tough could it be?  

I grabbed yet another page of Nancy's to lift and forged ahead. 

This time I put a little more Mary-Lynne and a little less Nancy into the layout and fell in love with fusion!   The best part is that you can't do it wrong!  It's suppose to look messy and grungy and overall awesome!!!  Here's mine!

Then Jill came out with the Color Pop Collection and the Color me Happy Collection and I was totally hooked. 

But it just keeps getting better!  Not too long ago, Jill starting creating Blendits Layered Templates.   OMG...cheapest therapy session you will ever have!  They can sure be used with traditional kits, but they really shine with the Jill's Fusion kits.   Too much fun for words!!!!   For a great look at how these work check out my PSE12 tutorial here on this blog.  (also using Beach Trip).  Did I mention I love that kit??? 

Here's my Beach Trip layout with Blendits Layered Template 1 (these are soooooo addicting and you will find endless uses from just one plan on grabbing more!)
So what are you waiting for?  Grab one of Jill's Fusion Kits from her Pickleberrypop Store (heck....go crazy and grab one of her Blendits Layered Templates too!)  Visit her Gallery and just scraplift one of the amazing pages you'll find in there for your first page!  Then....try one on your own!  You willbe amazed at what you will create!

Hugs from CTM Mary-Lynne!