Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year!! New Store!!! Sneak Peek Winner!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I guess you kinda noticed that my Blog and Facebook albums are kind of bare...well it's time to start fresh with a brand new store!!!
Please pardon the mess while we get everything situated!!!  New Pinterest Boards and Facebook albums will be created over the next few days!

I'm so excited to FINALLY announce....
all of my designs, past and future will be in ONE PLACE!!!

I do have to admit...this was a very hard decision to come to; one that was definitely not made overnight or on a whim.  Leaving the comfort and safety of 3 stores (one of which I had been at for 3 1/2 years) to design exclusively for a new and established store is really kind of scary!
My inner designer voice said it was time.  Time to take the leap...time to do something unexpected...time to take the risk.  AND I'm so excited I have because now I'll have MORE time to create and you won't have to search here and there!  Win win in my book (and I hope in yours too)!

With a new store it's pretty much impossible to add EVERYTHING from my other stores all at once....but never fear....each week I'll be adding more....and during that process....creating new products for you!

I do have a brand new kit for the opening which also comes with a FWP!!
(the title seemed fitting!)
 And a little inspiration for you:
And the winner of this kit is...
Congratulations Tammy!!!
(I'll be contacting you via Facebook PM so keep an eye out!)

I have to was really hard to choose what to open with!  But trust me....there's so much more to come!!

Here are a few little goodies I found in my stash for you!
 Download HERE
Download HERE

I hope you will enjoy my new store as much as I know I will!!

Happy New Year everyone!!



Pam K said...

Congratulations on your new store! Thank you for the freebies.

Tammy said...


TammyM said...

The new kit is beautiful! Thank you, and congratulations again!

MiniCooper452 said...

Thank you so much for everything! Way to go! Congrats babe!!!

Gala said...

Поздравляю и с Новым Годом и с новым магазином !!! Желаю удачи и вдохновения !!!

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